“Consistently achieving levels of customer satisfaction higher
than the sector average is linked to better turnover,
growth, profit and employee productivity”

(Institute of Customer Service, 2018). 

Happy Customer With Fip Consulting
FIP Consulting was founded on the tangible benefits that strong customer service commitment can bring and advising businesses who don’t have the resources, skill-set or budget to employ a full-time expert.

With over 20 years of experience in customer services from both the supplier and customer perspectives means you can benefit from a bespoke service that brings immediate benefits to your business.

All business owners know that to be successful they need to look after their customers – and as increasingly discerning consumers they also know how important a positive customer service interaction is in the assessment of any product or service.

FIP Consulting can help your organisation:

  • Give your staff a strong sense of purpose in the way they deliver customer service
  • Map out a customer journey that’s efficient for your staff and enjoyable for your customers
  • Create loyal customers who return again and again
  • Inspire great reviews and customer recommendations
  • Educate your senior leadership team to embed customer service into the fabric of the company
  • Set out an ongoing customer feedback system so you can quickly uncover and rectify issues
  • Become more profitable, provide a better service and continue to grow


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