To ensure success businesses must provide value to their customers. 

FIP Consulting can help identify what’s important to your
customer base and how best to deliver it.


We work very closely with a wide range of industries.


Private hospitals, dentists, GP surgeries and veterinary practices can deliver a vastly superior experience when they improve their customer service. Raising the bar on healthcare customer service can make an enormous difference to patients as well as delivering excellent return on investment. With a growing emphasis on customer reviews provided via the NHS, CQC and other regulatory bodies, healthcare providers are now being selected on their customer ratings.


Nurseries, academies, college and universities have a multitude of interactions with their customers which can be streamlined for an improved service. FIP can help improve the business process for an easier customer journey and identify more opportunities for an enjoyable experience for parents and students.


A business will only thrive if you succeed in providing value to their customers, and customer service is recognised as one of the most important KPI’s in any business plan.  A customer journey map prior to launch can create the blue print for your customer journey.  Identify any gaps (that can be filled), any blockers and create a truly consistent approach to your customer experience.


“Number one trend among global financial institutions was improving the customer journey and providing a positive CX but only 37% of institutions have a formal CX plan” (Digital Banking Report, 2017)

Banks, mortgage providers, accounting practices and IFA’s need to deliver their service with a respect for their customers in order to attract new business. By equipping staff with superior customer service skills, they will be able to communicate effectively, solve customer problems quickly thereby driving customer loyalty and employee engagement. 


“94% of consumers are loyal to brands that deliver a consistently good customer experience” (Blackhawk Network Report, 2017)

A consistent customer experience creates a strong brand impression for customers. Whether ‘bricks and mortar’, online only or a mix of the two, customer journey mapping will deliver standardised processes at each touch point. With a growing pressure on retailers in a tough economic environment, investing in the customer experience will reap rewards.


Our Services

FIP Consulting provide a range of consultancy services that ensure your customers’ experience the best possible service – and help enable a switch to a proactive and responsive service in the future.


“The workshop with FIP Consulting has been vital for us to clearly see where our customer journey could result in a good or bad experience…This is an essential exercise for any stage of business, but hugely valuable for those in the early stages of their business evolution.”

Liberty Bollen, Head of Marketing. Abode Impact


"Claire’s customer journey mapping workshop is a must for any company in the early stages of building product. You may think you have a solution to a problem but until you understand your customer and how they are likely to react you will not find product market fit"

Nic Woodhams, Founder.  Adventure Pass



"All content very transferable to any role”
“Loved the customer journey exercise”
“Both valuable and interesting”
“A very well run and professional course” 

Customer Service Workshop Attendees





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